Shiraz Design is a home staging and interior design company based in Toronto, Canada. At Shiraz Design, we believe a home should tell the story of the people who live there. We want you to love walking through your front door and feel surrounded by what matters most to you.

It’s important to live in a warm and desirable place. We value your ideas and we can help you to turn it to reality! We offer you the greatest ideas to make small spaces big and dull corners bright and lovely. The way you live in your home, and the way you should market and sell your house are two different matters. With so many properties on the market these days and a huge variety of choices available to buyers the questions are:.

Our services

Shirin Talaee

As a person who was making handcrafts at age 6, she has never been detached from art and creativity. Having painted and drawn for years, she has been constantly involved with art and creativity. She has been active in many different aspects of interior design, including remodeling, decorating, space planning, and changing the function of a room/area. Her passion for design provides her with a unique sense of color and boundless imagination. She holds a Diploma in Interior Design.

Our process

We help our clients sell their homes quickly, and get the best market price. As a professional home stagers, we entice buyers by highlighting a home's best features and making it feel spacious, warm, and inviting—inside and out. The staging process involves de-cluttering, depersonalizing, redesigning, improving curb appeal, and addressing necessary repairs. Our goal is to make buyers feel they would personally enjoy living in the home we are staging. We will make the property look large, bright, clean, comfortable and inviting.